fshamer: Rust Unix CLI

ece wip
Last Update: 2019-03-16

File System Hammer || File Shamer || Fat Shamer

Unix CLI tool finding largest folders in a directory. Replacement for your monthly google search "linux find largest folders", which is usually required before updating your morbidly obese hard drive.

This side project was written to help me learn the Rust programming language

Source code:

Cargo crate for fshamer

My primary usage is with the argument "--no-parent". It recursively searches the path for the biggest folders, without cluttering the list with their parents. The interactive display can be disabled but I like being able to inspect the current biggest folders while it is still searching.

Yes, fshamer could be replaced by fancy calls to du but I would not have learned Rust if I did that!

$cargo install fshamer

$fshamer --help

Surprising information on the performance and simplicity of Rust for a recursive filesystem's total size calculation will eventually be written.